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Published On 10/3/2023
Three Michigan State University students received $5000 each in honor of the memory of Ewing Livonia Branch Manager Ray W. Bausick.
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Published On 8/2/2023
Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time in a very busy and sometimes stressful part of the year in our industry to talk about some of things that we at times overlook or think “Oh that won’t happen to me.”
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Published On 6/29/2023
With most of us across the State of Michigan running a 2” surplus of rainfall entering May 2023, not many of us would have imagined the droughty conditions across the state the past 6-8 weeks. With many of us receiving plenty of rainfall this week, we finally have a minute to catch our breath and refocus on how we plan to make it through the remaining “drier months of summer”.
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Published On 5/1/2023
Well, it feels like I say this every year lately. It seems like all it does is rain all Spring when you are trying to get work on fields and get them ready for the start of the Spring sports season. This spring we have had lots of rain as well as cooler than normal temperatures. Whether we are talking about baseball, softball, soccer or lacrosse fields, the weather has made it difficult to get them ready.
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Published On 4/11/2023
This is Part Two of a two-part series about safer grass options for athletic fields.
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Published On 3/1/2023
Maintaining a sports field requires countless hours of moisture management, edging, mowing, and more. A significant factor in maintaining an infield is managing the infield mix and the grade of the infield. The grade is maintained by regularly dragging the infield. When infields are not regularly dragged, it can cause many safety concerns for athletes—especially when the infield is uneven, flooded, or even too dry.
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Published On 2/16/2023
God of Sod, George Toma, Says Slippery Super Bowl 57 Field In Glendale, AZ Could Have Used More Sand After Turf Absorbed Pounding From Halftime Show Rehearsals During Week
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Published On 1/30/2023
Can you believe spring is already right around the corner? If you maintain fields, you know what that means: Coaches will be asking to get on the fields on the first sunny day regardless of condition or how much damage it might cause. While I can’t control that, I do know that I’ve learned some infield tricks over the years that help to keep the team happy so they can play, and also keep the field manager happy because the field performs better.
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Published On 10/12/2022
The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation welcomes Mitch Hooten to it's Board of Directors! Mitch will be representing Sports or Institutional Turf, taking over for Paul Kuhna who has taken a new position and is no longer able to fulfill the seat.
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